Words in Motion believes that children flourish in creative learning environments and that the performing arts are a powerful medium in helping children develop socially, emotionally and academically.
James R Woods as Edvins Groskaufmanis, brickworker (centre) and Lydia Beck as Memory (far right)

James R Woods as Edvins Groskaufmanis, brickworker (centre) and Lydia Beck as Memory (far right)

Words in Motion creates and delivers innovative arts programming that is rooted in and derived from the community. At its core is active storytelling.

 “Words in Motion makes a very meaningful contribution to the education and experiences of children!”           Diane Letsche Early Childhood Education, Ryerson University


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Voices in the Valley A moveable, moving play in 3 acts about 3 people who lived in 3 different centuries.

Elizabeth Johnston as Elizabeth Simcoe, Voices in the Valley, 2014

Thomas Gough as Charles Sauriol, Voices in the Valley, 2014

Michael Gaty as William Helliwell, Voices in the Valley, 2014

Charles Sauriol, William Helliwell and Elizabeth Simcoe never met during their life times but at Todmorden Mills, time and place conspire to bring them together. An advertising executive turned conservationist, a hunter who can’t shoot straight, and a female wilderness cartographer in long colonial dress discover each other as audiences discover them. As all search the Todmorden Mills site, fascinating stories of Toronto’s history are uncovered. With comedy and pathos, Voices In the Valley leads audiences towards an understanding of how the past and the present create our future through constantly evolving relationships between built space and nature.

Audiences discover how events along the Don River valley shaped the Toronto of today. Perfect for families and audiences of all ages.

At Todmorden Mill, Voices in the Valley ran for three months from July 13, 2014 until September 29, 2014 and looks forward to returning to the valley. Please visit The Gallery for more photos.

Historical Consultant Sydney Dale-McGrath


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